Project Highlight: Fort Monroe

Here’s a little bit more about what I do: as a Historic Preservationist, the projects can be wide and varied. Here’s one from a few years back in 2017 @fortmonroenps in Hampton, VA. THE SITE: Fort Monroe, the largest fully moated masonry and earthen fort in the United States, was constructed in the aftermath of […]

Why it’s important to know your heroes

“If you know your history and you know where you came from and you know who your people are and you know who your heroes are – congratulations because you have no idea how important that is until you DON’T have that.” Dr. Megan Springate Dr. Megan Springate compiled a list of more than 750 […]

Today, I was sworn into the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

WASHINGTON, DC | 14 Apr 2023 Today, I was sworn in as a presidentially appointed member to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP). While I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far in the historic preservation field, this moment feels full circle for me. In 2008, while I was interning in […]

New Worlds, New Stories

We are on the brink of experiencing the world around us in ways that are more special than we realize. Virtual reality provides an exciting opportunity to expand access to landmarks at home and abroad, meaning that more people can learn and discover our history and legacy like never before.