Here’s a little bit more about what I do: as a Historic Preservationist, the projects can be wide and varied. Here’s one from a few years back in 2017 @fortmonroenps in Hampton, VA.

THE SITE: Fort Monroe, the largest fully moated masonry and earthen fort in the United States, was constructed in the aftermath of the War of 1812 as the first and largest of the coastal defense fortifications in the Third System (1816–1860). It represents four centuries of evolving military strategies, technologies, and leadership doctrines that have contributed to our national defense, beginning with the site’s Woodland Era peoples and extending through the modern era of airborne weapons systems. These resources are key contributing elements of the Fort Monroe National Historic Landmark District, and are the physical embodiment of its national significance.

THE PROJECT: This was the 100th project completed for the national preservation trades training program. The porch was stabilized and repaired. I served as the Program Director for the project, which meant I approved the scope of work, identified key project partners, organized and directed political visits, selected our photographer and directed the shoot, developed messaging around projects for internal and external use, managed partnerships and documented projects as a celebration of #Juneteenth – before it was a national holiday.

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